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Q: How Do I Use Whiteboard Video Packs?

Whiteboard Video Packs provide the following file formats:
- Graphics: JPG / PNG / SVGs
- Video Footage: MP4 / MOV
- Audio: MP3

Depending on what types of presentation or video you would like to create, simply import the file type you would like to use into the editing software of your choice.

If you're looking to create hand drawing motions just like the video you saw on our website, the software we highly recommend is called Explaindio Video Creator. All you need to do is insert the Whiteboard Video Packs SVG files and the software will work the magic for you. It's 100% compatible.

You can check it out here
Q: How Do I Access My Downloads

Step 1: Go to your JVzoo customer portal via the receipt that was sent to you. Click on Access Purchase
Step 2: Register your username/password for your membership access
Step 3: Login to your members area here at

Q: Where Are My Bonuses

All bonuses are located in the members area. Make sure you're logged in and click on your product. The bonuses are located under Step 2: Get Your Bonuses!

Q: How Do I Bulk Import the Whiteboard Files Into Explaindio?

1. In Explaindio, locate your C:/Program Files (x86)/Explaindio Video Creator/svgs

2. Drag and drop all the unzipped video packs into this location

Then you're done!
Q: How Do I Bulk Import the Whiteboard Files Into Easy Sketch Pro 2?

1. In Easy Sketch Pro 2, click on the Add Image icon.

2. Click on Add to Library... 

3. Under Local Folder, click on the folder icon 

4. Locate your Whiteboard Video Packs destination 

5. Select the character or element folder you would like to use 

5. Select color option of Black-White, Multi-Color or Strokes 

6. E.g. if Multi-Colored is selected, now select all by press Ctrl+A. Then click Open 

Then you're done! :)
Q: Which Whiteboard Software Do You Recommend?

For whiteboard animation, we highly recommended either of the following:
Explaindio Video Creator
Easy Sketch Pro

These are the softwares that was used to create the videos you saw on our website. It's easy to use and 100% compatible with all the packs we have provided.
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