• Skyrocket sales & conversions with highly engaging full color whiteboard presentations
  • Stand out from the crowd, enjoy bigger profits and have more authority in your niche
  • 527 done-for-you animated video graphics to easily craft your own story in just minutes from now!
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Compatible With All Top Video & Graphics Editors
Here's Why Whiteboard Video Packs Will Make You Stand Out From the Crowd, Enjoy Bigger Profits and Have More Authority in Your Niche
Video Story Telling is Super Powerful, Highly Engaging and Does Wonders To Your Conversion Rates!
A good whiteboard story can do wonders for your conversion rates and credibility. Chances are, if you aren't using storytelling in your business, one of your competitors is. It is a super engagement and an insanely effective method that makes selling your products and services easier than ever.

By using colored doodles and fun animations, your audience gets to be relaxed and entertained. Not threatened by too many boring texts, graphs and numbers. Instead you can bring them into the friendly world of cartoons and animations.
Wide Variety of Promotional Uses For Maximum Exposure and Profitability
With this bundle of 6 MEGA Video Packs with 527 unique items, you can finally create your own persuasive whiteboard story to make selling your products or services easier than ever!
Whether you are an online or offline marketer, you can easily craft your own story to express your business in a fun and engaging way for self-promotion, commercials, explainer videos branding materials and so much more. The possibilities are endless to your imagination!
Fully Compatible With
All Top Video and Graphics Editors
Make your own story with ready made doodles and animated video packs. Simply insert these graphics and video into the software of choice and you have a large library of elements to start working with. It's easy!
They are 100% compatible with popular softwares such as:
We Did All the Hard Work For You
Save 1000s of Dollars and Hours of Time!

If you scroll down below, you will see that we've spent $1000s of dollars in the last few months putting together this ultimate video graphics bundle to help you craft your perfect story from start to finish.

Hours and hours was put into hiring the right people to create custom content with exclusive rights.

Hours and hours was also put into organizing everything into an easy to use package.

What we've done for you here is worth several thousand dollars if you were to outsource them on your own. We want to make sure you get immense value and everything you'd need to craft a powerful story to impact your promotional efforts to the next level.
Introducing Whiteboard Video Packs
You Get 6 Amazing Video Packs in 1 Bundle
Multi-Colored  Whiteboard SVGs
A huge pack of 280 300 uniquely hand drawn characters and elements with options of black and white or multi-colored.
(SVG and PNG formats)
Vector Animated  Background Loops
9 colorful vector animated background loops to be used for your story settings.
(MP4 format)
Vector Animated  Elements
9 animated elements and 3 color choices to choose from to draw attention at where
your story is needed.
(MP4 and MOV alpha formats)
Vector Animated  Transition Effects
9 awesome looking colorful vector transition effects to carry your audience through your story.
(MP4 and MOV alpha formats)
Abstract Image Backgrounds
100 high-res abstract backgrounds with a wide variety of textures and colors to choose from.
(JPG format)
Royalty Free  Music Tracks
100 royalty free music to influence the flow of your video for impactful storytelling.
(MP3 format)
Grab Everything For a One Time Payment Of:
Video Pack 1 - Colored Whiteboard SVGs
Over 300 Professionally Hand Drawn Characters and Elements. SVG and PNG Formats.
Video Pack 2 - Vector Animated Background Loops
Full HD 1920x1080. MP4 Format.
Video Pack 3 - Vector Animated Elements
Full HD 1920x1080. MP4 and MOV Alpha Channel Format
Video Pack 4 - Vector Animated Transition Effects
Full HD 1920x1080. MP4 and MOV Alpha Channel Format
Video Pack 5 - High Resolution Abstract Image Backgrounds
100 High Resolultion Abstract Image Backgrounds. JPG Format
Video Pack 6 - Royalty Free Music Tracks
100 Royalty Free Music. MP3 Format
Sample Track
(The audio sample below has been trimmed for page loading purpose)
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Here's the Real Value You Get With Whiteboard Video Packs
Colored Whiteboard SVGs:
15 Modules x $60 each = $900 

Animated Background Loops:
9 Videos x $15 each = $135

Animated Elements:
9 Videos x $15 each = $135

Transition Effects: 
9 Videos x $20 each = $180

Abstract High Res Image Background: 
100 images x $1 each = $100

Royalty Free Music: 
100 music x $2 each = $200
Total: $1680(worth of videos and graphics items if bought separately or outsourced)
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- elle Wong
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