Recommended Tools & Training
These are the tools and trainings I highly recommend and most which are used in my business on a regular basis. While every tool could take some time to pick up, these are the ones which I think will be most worth your time and is tech-friendly enough to get started.

These tools are huge time savers designed to help automate a big part of your business. Watch the demo of each tool and check out the training below to see how they can add value to your business :)
Doodly (Most Recommended)

Type: Doodle Video Creator


Money Back Guarantee: 100%

Doodly is the world's most powerful, yet simple-to-use video creator, which empowers you to easily create 100% realistic whiteboard, blackboard, or the all-new glassboard video.

You can download Doodly to your PC or Mac and still access your videos from the cloud! Their easy to use drag and drop WYSIWYG empowers you to create your videos without any design or technical skills!

Create your own powerful doodle videos in seconds that are designed to attract, engage and convert!

Watch Doodly in action by clicking the button below:

Type: Breathtaking Logo Animation Software


Money Back Guarantee: 100%

Viddyoze is a creates breathtaking animations in 3 clicks. It's the world's easiest full-auto video animation software. You can create studio-grade intros, outros CTAs, logo stings, social actions and more!

Say goodbye to expensive contractors and unreliable freelancers. Now you can get high-class, professional animations in just 3 clicks and customize them to match your brand in seconds.
Explaindio Video Creator

Type: 2D & 3D animation Explainer Software


Money Back Guarantee: 100%

Explaindio Video Creator a 2D & 3D animation explainer software, which helps you to easily create attention grabbing and professional looking videos that contain sketches, animated elements and motions.

Explaindio is focused on creating engaging video content that help you to get attract leads and make more sales.

Watch Explaindio in action by clicking the button below!

Type: Graphic Creation Software


Money Back Guarantee: 100%

Youzign is a revolutionary all in one graphics software which creates high quality facebook covers, video graphics, flyers, infographics, business cards, youtube channel art, banners, headers and more easily and quickly for you.

With Youzign - You are the designer. 

The best part is there are already beautiful design templates built in so there's no need to scratch your head from a blank canvas. You can get started by editing them and have your artwork done minutes from now.
DotComSecrets FREE Book

Type: Online Marketing Training Book


Price: FREE

Total Satisfaction Guarantee: 100%

If you are currently struggling with getting traffic to your website, or converting that traffic when it shows up, you may think you’ve got a traffic or conversion problem.

In Russell Brunson's experience, after working with thousands of businesses, he has found that’s rarely the case. Low traffic and weak conversion numbers are just symptoms of a much greater problem, a problem that’s a little harder to see (that’s the bad news), but a lot easier to fix (that’s the good news). 

DotComSecrets will give you the marketing funnels and the sales scripts you need to be able to turn on a flood of new leads into your business.
Funnel Hacks Web Class

Type: Webinar Training


Price: FREE

Total Satisfaction Guarantee: 100%

Special web class this week presented by well-renowned Internet entrepreneur, Russel Brunson, who'll reveal a weird niche funnel hack that currently makes him $17,947 per day and how to ethically knock it off in less than 10 minutes!

In this FREE training web class, you'll learn:

Secret #1: How To Ethically Steal Over $1,000,000 Worth Of Funnel Hacks From Your Competitors, For Under $100

Secret #2: How To Clone Their PROVEN Funnel In Less Than 10 Minutes! (This One Is Easier Then You'd Think!)

Secret #3: How To Get Their SAME Customers To Buy Your Products (Without Them Knowing You Exist!)
Click Funnels 2.0 Software

Type: Funnel and Page Builder Software


Money Back Guarantee: 100%

This is the software which has our highest recommendation and ovation! ClickFunnels is the ONLY tool on earth that will give you: Everything you need to market, sell and deliver your products online.

Now you can finally build every type of marketing funnel your business needs to grow. If you have a business, there is a funnel that will work for you! 

If you've tried in the past to glue together dozens of other products just to create ONE simple sales funnel... Then you need to watch the quick video and demo from our top ClickFunnels users that will show you how simple your life can become when you start using ClickFunnels. 

The average person can save over $1,000 per month when they start using ClickFunnels.
108 Proven Split Test Winners FREE Book

Type: Case Studies Booklet


Price: FREE

Total Satisfaction Guarantee: 100%

Discover the simple tweaks you can make to your website, so you can make more money now. Inside of this free book, you'll discover the results to these shocking split tests:

We added ONE tiny thing to our blog, and is making us $276 for EVERY thousand visitors we get to our blog... (this one is almost dumb, cause it's SO easy to add to ANY blog) (Page 9) 

"Buy Now" VS "Free Trial" - one of them will give you a 158.6% increase - do you know which one? (Page 10)

When do you show your order form - screw this one up and you could lose 44% of your sales (Page 11)

The secret "Bridge" page you should show BEFORE anyone sees your sales video - by blocking your orders with this page before they see your message, you can see up to a 59% increase in conversions! (Page 13)

The unobvious price drop that gave us a HUGE 616.4% INCREASE in conversions and gave us 4 times as many customers! (Page 14)

What we learned from a recent campaign that added 41,000 new members to one sites in just 30 days (Page 15)
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