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  • Additional 50 Unique Video Packs. This includes the female version of Miss Emotion character, elements, scene builders, seasonal, local business characters and more
  • Exclusive Developer Rights to the entire package which includes the first package, which you already own and this brand new Whiteboard Video Packs Deluxe
  • Create unlimited web, video, print and all types of projects for yourself AND your clients
  • Make thousands of dollars a month charging clients from $497-1997 per minute and keep 100% of the sales
  • PLUS 5 premium mega bonuses that are yours to keep!
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50 More Unique Video Packs
(Additional 1,200 Professionally Hand Drawn Items)
As you can see, there's an additional 1,198 unique hand drawn items from this upgrade package alone and even if you were to outsource them on fiverr, it's more than $5000.00 in real value.
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Your Usage and Developer License Rights

[YES] Unlimited usage for web projects

[YES] Unlimited usage for video projects

[YES] For printing and hard copy publishing

[YES] Can be used for client projects

[YES] Can be used on unlimited domains

[NO] Resell giveaway this package in anyway

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